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Mandatory BingoBingo Schedule 2013-2014

Mandatory Bingo

Parent’s Participation Responsibilities–Bingo 2014-2015

Bingo continues to be a major fundraiser for the Batawa Ski Racing Club (BSRC) and we are now preparing for our next fiscal year—September 2014 until August 2015.

Bingo will once again be mandatory for all racer families.  For each racer registered in the BSRC a parent must sign up for twp bingos; therefore,  if two racers in the program, parent(s) sign up for four bingos, etc.  This sign up will be on a first come, first chosen basis, either by email or phone to the bingo coordinator (Heather Wannamaker).  Bingo sign up can commence June 15th, but must happen no later than with racer registration (sign up —the actual date worked/to be worked could be earlier or later than registration).

At time of registration, a parent is responsible for submitting two $100 cheques to the BSRC for each registered racer.  If a parent does not sign up for their bingos with registration, this cheques will be cashed immediately as a fundraising contribution.  If a parent is a no show at a signed up bingo, a cheque will be cashed at that time.  Once a bingo is worked by the parent, an uncashed cheque will be returned.  If a parent fulfills their bingo requirement for the year prior to registration, they will not be required to submit the $100 cheques.

There are 39 bingos the BSRC is responsible for in a year which means there are 156 available spots for parents to volunteer (four spots at each bingo).  The mandatory spots will have its bingo honorarium donated to the club as a fundraising contribution.  There will be additional spots available to parents to sign up for, of which they will receive a $20 honorarium, or chit, as additional fundraising for use towards racer registration fees, ski swap purchases, ski banquet, or other BSRC sanctioned event.  Families are not permitted to sign up for mandatory bingos for other racer families.

The BSRC also requires Captains for facilitating bingo sales and volunteers at each bingo.  The job is not difficult, just requires some training which can be provided at ongoing bingos.  A captain is given a $40 chit per bingo.  Please let Carolynn McColl know if you can help the BSRC by volunteering to be a bingo captain.  It will be the bingo coordinator’s responsibility to ensure that each bingo is adequately staffed with a mix of experienced and inexperienced workers and a bingo captain.

If a parent needs to change a bingo sign up date, it is their responsibility to find a replacement.  The bingo coordinator will keep a list of those parents wishing to work additional bingos for additional fundraising, and may help a parent find someone to work, but it is not the coordinator’s responsibility to fill that spot.

All bingos are held at the Highway 62 Bingo Hall.  BSRC slots on Mondays and Thursdays are from 4:30 pm until 9:30 pm and Fridays from 8:30 pm until midnight. An initial e-mail will be sent confirming the date(s) selected. A further e-mail will be sent, within a week of the actual bingo, reminding the recipient of the bingo commitment.  If you have any concerns with BSRC policy on mandatory bingos, please contact our chairperson Ross Rae.

Bingo Schedule 2014-2015

The Bingo Hall is located on Highway 62, about 2km north of Walmart, beside the bowling alley. E-mail Carolynn at to book your dates.