Race Results

2012-2013 Season

January 13, 2013

U12 Batawa Predators @ Hidden Valley

Batawa Alpine Ski Racing is back in action.  The U12 or former Predators and Wildcats raced in Huntsville this past weekend and despite the rain and the fog Batawa raced 4 other teams which included 2 from Muskoka, Horseshoe Valley and Heights of Horseshoe.  Batawa was second to Horseshoe Valley narrowly missing first by 9 points. The final scores were Horseshoe 108 and Batawa 117.

January 26, 2013

U14 Batawa Tigers @ Brimacombe

Batawa Ski Racing Club’s U14 Tigers travelled to Brimacombe last Saturday for their second race of the 2013 season. In a field of 45 racers in the men’s panel slalom, the Batawa boys skied to a 3rd place finish. Leading the team, Eric Cholasta added to his gold medal finish in his first race at Moonstone, earning a silver medal for his second place finish on Saturday. Nathan Lamain turned in a 7th place finish overall. In a field of 37 female racers, the Batawa girls team dominated to bring home the best results of any female team at the race. A silver medal was awarded to Mirisha Russett for her 2nd place finish while the bronze went to Julia Press for her third place results. Megan McLean brought home a medal for her 5th place finish and in 9th place was Jessica Caron. Combining strong finishes from both the boys and the girls, the Tigers ended up in second place in the co-ed team division. The Tigers will be hitting the slopes at Batawa this week for training with coaches Mark Cholasta and Colin Conroy in preparation for their giant slalom race next Sunday at Mansfield.

January 27, 2013

U12 Batawa Predators @ Heights of Horseshoe

The Batawa Predators U12 team had a great Sunday in Barrie. Cool temp and sometimes sunny skies led to a fantastic showing by the 23 person team. Batawa came third overall in a flight of five teams. Muskoka Flyers- 67, Heights of Horseshoe 1- 118 and Batawa Predators-129. Batawa had 3 girls in the top 10. Reena Lui was 7th, Abby McLean was 9th and Annissa Bray was 10th out of 40 girls. The boys had 3 boys in the top 15. Jake Hollinger was 2nd overall, Joshua Lamoureux was 6th and Paddy Brady was 15th out of 42 boys. The team is looking forward to there next race in 2 weeks at Muskoka Ski Club in Huntsville.

February 9, 2013

U12 Batawa Predators @ Hidden Valley

Even though Friday was not a great day for driving, Saturday was a fantastic day for skiing. The Batawa Predators U12 team were back in Huntsville at Hidden Valley Ski Resort racing and had some great results. The combined scores of the girls made them first with a score of 45 and the combined scores of the boys made them third with a score of 71 and overall team score was second at 116 to the Muskoka Flyers with 99. Individuals did very well against the Muskoka Flyers, Heights of Horseshoe and the Horseshoe Mustangs. For the girls Chloe O’Boyle Kelly was 4th, Reena Lui was 6th, Abby McLean 10th, Maggie Chalk was 12th and Annissa Bray was 19th. For the boys Jake Hollinger was second, Josh Lamoureux was third, Paddy Brady 16th and Isacc Hollinger was 20th. Next weekend we are back in Barrie for the last race at Horseshoe Valley.

February 10, 2013

U10 Batawa Fireballs @ Batawa

The under 10 Batawa Fireballs have had a busy season so far this winter. Last weekend (February 3rd) at Brimacomb Batawa placed fourth overall and placed Emma Sabine-Craig on the podium in second place. This past Sunday, February 10th, the Batawa Fireballs hosted an invitational race at Batawa Ski Hill. There were 43 racers between the ages of 6 and 10 who competed in a slalom race. The Batawa Fireball girls placed Haleigh MacPherson on the podium in first place and Anna Schmoll on the podium in third place and not to be out done the boys placed Nikolas MacPherson on the podium in third place. Overall for the four teams competing on Sunday, Batawa placed first overall. What a great weekend.

February 17, 2013

U12 Batawa Predators @ Horseshoe Valley

Despite the bitter cold the U12 Batawa Predators fought hard for a fourth place finish against teams from Horseshoe Valley, Heights of Horseshoe and Muskoka Ski Clubs. The overall score was 197. Annissa Bray had her best run of the season with a combined time of 64.40 finishing 6th overall. Reena Lui was 15th, Abby McLean 18th, Chloe O’Boyle Kelly 19th, Hannah O’Boyle Kelly 20th, Taryn McDougall 24th, Maggie Chalk 25, Jillian Madden 26th, Alexa Bryson 28th, Taylor Moelker 30th, Iris Kinnon 31st, Meg Bashall 32, Ella Cooney 35th and Lydia Schmoll 37th. The boys had Jake Hollinger leading with a combined time of 65.13 coming 11th overall. Isacc Hollinger was 18th, Paddy Brady was 21st, Patrick Thompson was 35th, Jacob Bunt was 36th. The following day the top 2 females and the top 2 males participated in an Invitational at Craigleith and did very well on a very technical course and that wraps up the season of the regular races. The Club Race for all Batawa Racers is March 2nd and 3rd at Batawa.

February 23, 2013

U16 Batawa Bombers @ Hidden Valley

The Batawa Bombers went on the attack but came up with only one medal at the Alpine Ontario U16 Division 3 finals at the giant slalom race held on Saturday in Huntsville at the Hidden Valley Ski Resort.
Top female was Caroline Burchat picking up a bronze medal.
“It was great to see Caroline make it to the podium,” said coach Brian Wannamaker. “She really had her A-game ready when it came to the finals. It has been a great year for Caroline with consistent race results.”
The men’s race saw David Coates pick up a 12th place in a tight field of only 33 male racers; only two seconds separated the top 15 boys. Chris Duncan and Andrew Brown also raced for the team.
The Bombers saw the girls team pick up a third place team finish with strong showings from the rest of the female racers: Rene Lamoureux, Amy Park, Rebecca Fryer, Angelique Belanger, Natalie Wannamaker and Olivia Podscianski.
The races were held on a course that would be considered more of a gliding course.
“Racers had to be very technical in the steep pitches to keep maximum speed for the flats,” said Wannamaker. “It was a fine line between too much edging and over-steering to just the right amount. Both Caroline and David were able to execute it very well.
“I am very pleased with our overall team results for the year,” Wannamaker said. “When you look at how the racers have progressed this season, you know next year will see many more of our racers in the medal hunt.”
The Batawa Bombers will be gearing up to take to the slopes at home, over the first weekend of March; the races are held over two days.
“It’s a great way for anyone who has never seen ski racing to come out,” said Wannamaker. “Races should start each day about 10 a.m. and will be for all ages in our race club from the U-10 group up to our U-18 racers.”
The Batawa Bombers are also sending racers to the Gooch Cup hosted by the Toronto Ski Club at Blue Mountain in Collingwood on March 4-5. Natalie Wannamaker, Amy Park, Caroline Burchat and Angelique Belanger with join with male racer Kurtis Wright as the racers making the trip to represent the Batawa U-16 Bombers at the Super G race.

Club Race – March 2 and 3rd @ Batawa

U12 Batawa Predators

After a fantastic weekend at Batawa the final results are as follows:
Saturday: Slalom
First: Reena Lui
Second: Chloe O’Boyle Kelly
Third: Abby McLean

First: Jake Hollinger
Second: Isaac Hollinger
Third: Ian Worgan

Sunday: Giant Salom
First: Annissa Bray
Second: Abby McLean
Third: Reena Lui

First: Jake Hollinger
Second: Padraigh Brady
Third: Josh Lamoureux

March 9, 2013

U12 Batawa Predators @ Hidden Valley

The Batawa Predators had a fabulously fun ending to the season at Hidden Valley Ski Resort in Huntsville on Saturday. Six racers competed in three different races. Isaac Hollinger came second in the U10 Kombi. Other racers participating were Jake Hollinger, Ian Worgan, Hannah O’Boyle Kelly, Chloe O’Boyle Kelly and Annissa Bray. Four of the six had fantastic luck at the big draw and won new terrain park skis.