Refund Policy

REFUND POLICY (last revision October 1, 2021):

The Batawa Ski Racing Club’s (BSRC) refund policy is split into two parts.  Our Standard Refund Policy and our Extraordinary Circumstances Refund Policy.  In all cases, the BSRC Refund Policy applies to the Batawa Ski Racing Club’s registration fee only and does not include any refund of any fundraising fees (for example the Gift Card fundraising fee) or any Alpine Ontario or Batawa Ski Hill fees.


BSRC Standard Refund Policy


Once your racer is registered, refunds will not be offered except in the circumstances indicated below.

If the racer is not able to participate in the program based on their skillset, their parents/guardians will be notified accordingly by the Head Coach and the Coach of their team.  A full refund of the BSRC registration fee will be issued.Racers and their parents/guardians are responsible for arranging any potential refunds from Alpine Ontario or Batawa Ski Hill on their own by contacting those organizations directly.  Please note that those organizations have their own refund policies and may or may not issue partial or full refunds.

BSRC will not issue refunds or partial refunds for closures related to Weather, Technical Issues, Short-term Government Mandated Stoppages or Racer Injuries.


BSRC Extraordinary Circumstances Refund Policy


An Extraordinary Circumstance is defined as a season cancellation or season ending decision by the Batawa Ski Racing Club’s Board of Directors as a result of a Government mandate or situation causing the club to not be able to offer a ski racing program to its members.  An example of this type of scenario would be the COVID-19 impact on the 2020/2021 season.

Refunds due to Cancellation Prior To The Start of the Ski Racing Season:

If the full ski racing season is cancelled for any reason beyond the control of the club prior to the start of the season (which generally begins the first weekend after New Year’s Day) a full BSRC registration fee refund will be issued.

Refunds due to Cancellation During the Season which ends the Ski Racing Season:

If the remainder of the ski season is cancelled, members have the option of choosing to donate all or a portion of the BSRC fees already paid to the club to cover administrative fees and support the Club through this difficult time or members will be issued prorated refunds less any non-refundable costs (coaching costs, Batawa Ski Hill lane space fees, administration, operational costs, non-refundable travel or equipment costs, etc.) incurred related to the standard operations of the Club.  Please note that the BSRC typically considers a season to start the first full weekend after New Year’s Day and lasts until the weekend before March Break.  This typically amounts to a 9-10 week season.  Prorated refund amounts will be determined based on all of these factors.

The Batawa Ski Racing Club is run by Volunteers.  Our coaches are former racers and parents that love skiing and ski racing.

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The Batawa Ski Racing Club trains at the Batawa Ski Hill, 99 Ski Club Ln, Batawa, ON K0K 1E0