Training Days

Updated September 2023.

Our training timetable is changing. While the days of the training are remaining the same, due to Batawa Ski Hill requirements we will be running our Saturday and Sunday training sessions in the mornings and afternoons to coincide with the time blocks available to our team. That means that some teams will practice during the 9am to 1pm time block while others may be in the 1pm to 5pm time block. Most training sessions will be 2 hours each. More details will be coming for this training plan prior to the opening of our 2023 Registration.

This schedule is subject to change at any time.

Training days for the BSRC are normally as follows (but subject to change by the coaches or due to weather conditions or races at Batawa Ski Hill):

U8/U10 – Both Saturday and Sunday mornings starting at 11am until 1pm.

U12/U14 – Thursday evenings starting at 6:30pm until 8:30pm. U12s train on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 1pm. U14s training on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 11am.

U16/U18/U21/Masters – Wednesday evenings starting at 6:30pm until 8:30pm. Both Saturday and Sunday mornings starting at 9am until 11am.

*In all cases, please check with your coach or team manager for changes to this schedule. Races and team scheduling can cause these dates and times to be altered.

Coaches and Managers will update you about upcoming training sessions.

Always stay in communication with your Team Manager and/or your Coach. Important information will always be shared at the end of practice or throughout the week via email prior to practice advising you on any of the following topics:

  • Changes to training day dates and times.
  • What type of training will be provided at the next training session. This is particularly important for U12 and higher age groups because the training offered could impact what ski racing equipment you are required to prepare and bring for your training session. For example, if you are doing Slalom Training then Slalom skis, Slalom poles, pole guards, shin guards and face guards may be necessary.
  • Changes to meeting locations at Batawa Ski Hill.
  • Notifications of pre-training meetings or post-training meetings.

If the first day of skiing at Batawa Ski Hill is also your first day of Ski Racing Training, please give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the hill to get your season pass picture taken and printed. The lineups can be long on the first official day of ski training.

Pay close attention to the weather forecast.

  • Dress your racer’s properly using layers where appropriate. Many racers will have multiple layers of clothing that they wear depending on the weather so that they can shed or add clothing as the sessions progress.
  • If it is cold, please use snow pants and a heavier jacket. You would be surprised how under-dressed some younger racers (and older ones) arrive at the hill on extreme cold days. Training days are not always about speed, but rather they focus on fundamentals and technique and racers can still accomplish what they need to in gear that is focussed more on warmth than speed.
  • If there is a chance of rain or wet snow, bring extra pairs of mitts or gloves if they are not water proof.
  • Include a packet of hand warmers in their pockets if the racers are old enough to use them.

When to arrive, where to go on a Training Day.

  • It is usually a good idea to arrive at the Batawa Ski Hill Chalet about 30 mins prior to the training session at the latest. Many racers actually arrive much earlier and get ready and go ski to warm up on their own.
  • The BSRC does not have a separate room or location at the main chalet for getting your gear on. You will find racers spread out all over the chalet. Simply find a spot and start getting ready.
  • The teams meet at different locations at the base of the hill in front of the ski racks. Your Team Manager or Coach will advise you of the meeting location.
  • All racers should be on skis and ready to begin their training sessions 10 minutes before the start of the training session. This will enable the team to start the session on-time and maximize their time on snow. Please note that some coaches may require racers to be ready earlier and will notify their teams accordingly.

What to expect as a new Parent/Guardian for the racer training sessions.

Racers will train all over Batawa Ski Hill depending on the drills that they are working on throughout the sessions. The nice thing about Batawa is that they all have to come down to the same lift area sooner or later so you will have a good opportunity to see them ski past.

All gate training occurs on Smokey and sometimes Old Smokey. This provides parents/guardians an excellent view of the training. Please note that gate training does not take up entire sessions and in some cases there may be no gate training on any given day for any number of reasons.

For younger racers, it is common for the younger teams to take short warm-up breaks on extreme cold days. The team will come in as a group and usually sit around the fireplace or in a group setting if available. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to check in with their racers to ensure they are warming up.

Older racers typically do not take breaks but are encouraged to pay attention to their warmth and go into the chalet as required.

How does a Training Session end?

Most training sessions last approximately 2 hours. At the end of a session, racers and the coaches will begin to remove gate environments on Smokey or Old Smokey and may take a few rides up the chair lift to help clean up the hill and make it usable again for recreational skiers. Racers will typically ski to the bottom of the hill in front of the ski racks where parents/guardians are able to meet them. Unless there is a post training session meeting scheduled, racers are permitted to leave with their parents/guardians.

The Batawa Ski Racing Club is run by Volunteers.  Our coaches are former racers and parents that love skiing and ski racing.

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The Batawa Ski Racing Club trains at the Batawa Ski Hill, 99 Ski Club Ln, Batawa, ON K0K 1E0